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We make sure that incorporating your daily dose of movement is straightforward, precise, and highly effective.


Whether you’re a busy professional who feels there isn’t enough time in the day to care for your health, an overwhelmed mum who doesn’t have the emotional energy to care for yourself, or an older adult who finally has the time to make yourself a priority, Movement-Medicine will transform how you think about movement and wellbeing so you can take ownership of your health and reclaim your sense of self.

Our Mission


We are world class leaders in the application of exercise science as part of an integrated plan to improve health.


Movement-Medicine will be the first of it’s kind exercise experience that aims to reposition movement as the most powerful resource we have available for the health improvement, disease prevention, optimal performance, and longevity.

Movement Medicine is a

powerful form of wellbeing.


Our training supports the internal shifts required to make sustainable and meaningful change. Being and staying active is closely tied to what makes life truly worthwhile. Improving your health leads to a full and active life, whether it's skiing down mountains, embarking on hiking adventures, or playing with grandchildren.

Our Signature Care System : The Movement Medicine Method 


Movement-Medicine-Method - is a multiphase system designed to take you from movement as a daily habit to movement as the primary way in which you optimize performance and create longevity.

The  MM Method is comprise of three systematic phase each uniquely designed and customized to respond to your unique health objectives and lifestyle requirements.

Please reach out to determine which phase of our system is right for you!

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How Does Movement-Medicine Work? Movement-Medicine meets you where you’re at and empowers you forward. You’ll experience:


  • World class assessment - Includes blood work review, Comprehensive fitness assessment, In-body analysis to measure muscle, Functional movement screening, Neuro-assessment (coming soon) and more. 


  • Professional and integrated expertise (Exercise Physiologist, Mental Performance Specialist, Strength & Conditioning Specialist.)


  • Mind-Body Approach - Behaviour Change, Neuro-optimization, Mental Performance. 

BONUS: Access to the Be Well FIT Digital Movement System throughout your MM journey.



Movement-Medicine Will Teach You How...


Movement is Unique for Everyone

Every-body is different. You have unique health concerns, lifestyle, preferences, and experience. You need personalized programming that suits YOUR values, goals, and personality.

Movement Demands a Growth Mindset

Get out of your own way. We don’t let your level of motivation or self-belief prevent you from accessing what we know you’re capable of.

Movement Changes Everything

When you change your lifestyle everything changes. Change is hard for humans, that’s why we provide a support system that informs, guides, and encourages you even though life will continue to ebb.

Is Movement-Medicine Right For Me? 


It’s really common to be scared about starting a new movement regimen. Know this!


- You’re not TOO anything - You’re not too old, out of shape, inexperienced, or too sick to begin moving today.


- You just need to be willing to make a massive shift in your lifestyle to improve your health and well-being!


- Whether you’re an absolute beginner or are returning to movement after a long hiatus our signature care system (Movement Medicine Method) will support you in exactly the way YOU need.

 The PIVOT - Your Path to a Healthier, More Vibrant You!


Unlock the MOST crucial secret to health and longevity with our 4-Week Movement Experience. It's not just a program; it's a life-changing opportunity.

Fitness Coaching Programs


Run Tempo FIT

It's no secret, at Run Tempo FIT we love running! We believe running is a tool to support our physical and mental growth, and increase life satisfaction. RTF offers high level coaching to all abilities of runner and run experience. We cater to those new to the sport and running for self-care, to those pursuing high level performance. 

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A radical revisioning of how to overcome the sabotaging effects of diet culture, cultivate practices of self-care beyond diet and exercise. Pursue holistic health and deal with life challenges through connection with other women!

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Be Well FIT 

 Be Well FIT is a digital fitness system that supports you on your fitness journey no matter your current exercise knowledge or ability. We will educate you about your body and show you how to perform innovative and transformative exercise routines that are accessible, designed with your health needs in mind, and that support your fitness goals.

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 What Our Clients are Saying...


"My story of Be Well Fit as I am 65.

 I run/walk and swim regularly but I noticed I was loosing strength and mobility even though I thought I was looking after myself quite well. I have a knee injury, or so I thought, as it appears it relates somewhat to my hip mobility and that the practice of pilates could assist with this. 

It was so good to stretch and move in such different ways and I was so pleased to have the opportunity to move through the different stages and get to know and be aware of my body more intimately."


"I started RTF because I wanted to get back into running after 10 years and 30 lbs of weight gain. 

I was nervous being so out of shape with my body hurting all the time.  Not only did we start slow but Olivia gave us a solid plan, a lot of knowledge and constant support to make me feel safe and confident.” 

Lindsay Jantzen


"Let me start by saying that Run Tempo FIT has made running accessible and safe for me.

I love to run and after a long hiatus and significant weight gain, I felt nervous about getting back into it. RFT is not weight loss fitness or about training for your ‘goal’ body size or shape - it’s a progressive, safe (in all ways), tailored program that works with your body and mind. Olivia is an amazing coach and will guide you to places in your mind-body journey that you didn’t know existed!"

Nadine Zettl

Hello, I am Olivia Chadwick


Olivia Chadwick, MSc Kinesiology,  Mental Performance Coach, Speaker, and Certified Exercise Physiologist. 


As the founder of Movement-Medicine, Olivia leads an innovative in-person and digital health coaching practice. Specializing in a behavioral approach to health improvement, Olivia transforms lives through the powerful vehicle of movement as a form of medicine.


With a wealth of experience spanning over two decades, Olivia is dedicated to reshaping the narrative around movement. Her approach extends beyond physical fitness, focusing on self-discovery and personal growth through movement. 


Olivia also hosts the podcast show “The Wellness Compass”, where she interviews a variety of health professionals to illuminate the faces and facets of holistic health. 


"I aim to reshape the landscape of health and wellness culture, creating a space that's not only safe and inclusive for learning and growth but also an open playground for all to discover what truly ignites their sense of wellbeing, vitality and fulfillment." - OLIVIA CHADWICK

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